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Watch this oddly satisfying journey of wooden log converted into a wooden bowl

Written by Wamiq Ali

Woodwork is an art and next time you find yourself bargaining over a wooden bowl, just make sure you remember this video. This oddly satisfying video will take to a pleasant journey. The journey starts with a wooden log, which is cut into wooden pieces at a certain angle. These pieces are then joined together to make a hexagonal shape. The hexagonal wood stump made out of pieces is then turned to a round stump.

The next process is work of an art and hand control. The technique is to rotate the round wooden piece made from smaller wooden pieces and then make a bowl out of it. You’ll learn the technique as you’ll watch the video till the end. The carpenter then rotates the round wooden piece while marking the edges to give it a better shape like a funnel.

In the end, he then throws some polish to make the surface shiny and well presented. The final bowl made out of wooden pieces gives no clue of the humble beginning. One can’t imagine how the pattern of different wood colours emerged in the bowl and how different pieces were stuck together with glue before even making out the round stump.

So it’s a way too much work for a potato chips bowl, but the end product is fancy.

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