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Watch: Fake Homeless Woman Exposed – Richmond Woman Begging For Change, Then Getting Into Luxury SUV

A fake homeless woman got exposed who was begging for a change in Richmond D.C. Someone spotted her parking car in McDonald’s accused her of creating all the fake drama of being homeless, which later turned out to be true. The woman also threatened the guy when she came to knew that she was being filmed. She then ran to the McDonald’s management to get rid of the guy, but all in vain, they also refused to help her, when they came to know about how she was making a fool out of the people.

This all happened in Richmond D.C. at Virginia’s roadway. The video which was captured by the guy is now viral on the internet. The video was uploaded on youtube and it went instantly viral after being shared on Reddit. In the video, the woman can be seen walking up and down a road with a sign claiming that she was homeless and stopping motorcyclists to beg for a change. Then after some time, she can be seen walking back to her car which had been parked at nearby McDonald’s. The man capturing the video asked the woman that why she was begging for a change when she drove around an SUV worth $20k. Being helpless, woman turned to the McDonald’s drive-by but they told her to call the police. After a while, the woman threatened the guy filming the video and said, “Someone is going to kill you for what you are doing.” The guy told the woman that she had parked her car illegaly at McDonald’s while she was panhandling the nearby road.

At Reddit, people have different views about the whole video, some say that it can be a hoax to get attention of the viewers. In the first unedited version of video released, the license plate of the car can be seen which made some redditos think that the ownership of the car must be verified. The others think that the motorcyclists had done a wrong thing to give her a change.

Later, the woman featured in the video got arrested after authorities investigated the case, we’ll update this article as we get further details.

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