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Watch Black kid harassed by a Houston Police Officer for mowing lawn and getting attacked by a K9

Written by Wamiq Ali

A video which surfaced on Facebook showed a police officer harassing a black teen boy. The teen was an entrepreneur who lived in Houston. He was harassed by a police officer for putting out business cards while his crew was mowing the lawns of the surrounding. According to other media reports, those cops later attacked him with dogs after they broke into his house, however, the true nature of this claim isn’t yet verified.

Marlin Gipson was told in the video to “step over here” by the officer. He was made to stand next to a vehicle which looked like a lawn work truck. In the video, the lawn machinery can be heard in the background.

The unidentified cop told the teen, “When I saw you, you were going from door to door to door.” The teen replied, “Yeah, I’m putting my business cards out.” The teen also handed the police officer one of his business cards. The cop told him that it was what he wanted to find out and to which the teen replied, “Well that’s all you had to ask.

The teen thought that the police officer would end up here but there started a new series of questions. The teen was asked to take out his I.D. It’s important to know that Texas is not a ‘stop and ID’ state. The teen could invoke his 5th amendment right to remain silent.

The teen didn’t know his rights so he told the officer that he didn’t have the I.D. with him at the moment. The cop asked him more questions and the teen fell into the trap. The cop told him that he was supposed to provide an I.D. when he was asked for it.

Teen kept on answering other questions and he told his age as 19. Later, he gave his date of birth as 10/12/1999 which made him 17 years old. This counted into providing false information to the cop. 

In the end, the teen got arrested for mowing the lawn.

Later on Twitter, the teen posted his pictures of getting injured by a K9. You can watch his photos: Watch teen injuries after getting attacked by K9

The video shows the importance of not talking to the cops without necessity. Do watch the video below which was posted on Facebook and got million of views.

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