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Watch 80,000 litre per second water bursting out of the hole, as valve in Kölnbrein reservoir is opened

Written by Wamiq Ali

This Wednesday a ground drain was tested in Austria which is a safety measure to empty the water stored in a reservoir. The valve prevents the flooding of the valley with water. At the foot of the dam, they made a hole which is more than 2m in diameter. The hole evacuates million of litres of water once the main drain is opened.

Kolbrein Dam In Austria

Roman Kohler was responsible for this test which went successful. Though the site of 80,000 litres water being drained out per second took the internet by storm and the video went viral instantly. He said that the valve is one of the essential safety organs for the Kölnbrein Dam. Imagine a bathtub with a plug which can drain 80,000 litres of water per second. The process continues until the lake is empty, it takes around 3 weeks.

The drain valve can be opened remotely and it can be controlled on site. There are fishes in the lake, but the current is too small for them to get affected.

Kolnbrein Dam Valve Opened

Watch the video of 80,000 litres of water being drained out of Kölnbrein dam!

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