War footage shows taking out an ISIS sniper and other remnants using rocket launcher in Iraq

Written by Wamiq Ali

Incredible footage which was recorded in old Mosul, Iraq shows the mixed army fighting against the ISIS. The remnants of the ISIS including a sniper had been taken out using a rocket launcher.

Wars come at a price and often make a whole country lose all the economy. The old Rome faced something similar when it got indulged in wars. It paid the price in the form of broken economy. Common people are not in the favour of wars because fights cause the loss of business. America being too advanced in research work and weaponry has always helped nations wage or stop a war. Every nation has a different perspective which advocates the benefit of their own people. However, the general agenda must be to save humanity rather than own people.

Iraq civil war started in 2014 is still being fought. Some portion of the Iraq is being controlled by ISIS. The other two portions being led by Iraqi Government and Kurdish lead government. To root out the ISIS the worldwide support is being given to Iraq, Russia, Iran and Syria are lending hands to end this civil war.

Old Mosul and other Northern territories are under the control of ISIS, this war footage is recorded in Old Mosul. Footage shows the death of remnants of ISIS. It was released on the internet just to show people the horrors of war. The demolished constructions and mosques are a living example of the horrors of war.

Rocket Launcher Explosion

The Mosul needs to be rebuild after this war ends because according to this footage there is nothing left to live. Three days after Iraqi forces have announced victory in Mosul, fighting is ongoing.

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