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Want to become a Web Developer? – Take a Start

Do you want to be a web developer because you love computers, laptops and websites so much. Then this is great according to me because it’s just a creative world. Being a web developer is good because you can easily translate your ideas to the world in the shape of a website. Being a web developer feels a kind of satisfaction to those who get some reward out of this developing in shape of people praising their work. Most of the schools miss this part of web developing but the future certainly is about computer programming. I am writing this basic post to help you that how can you take a start.

Be A Web Developer with these easy pre-requisites:

Web Developer

Just keep on reading, fulfill the objectives and take the first step to be a web developer.

Starting with being a perfect computer user:

If you want to be  good developer at your own then you should know that how to use a computer. Chances are that you already know how to use software and know every thing about them without any course by just experimenting with them. It can seem time consuming to you but keep in mind that the thing which you learn at your own is never forgotten so easily. You learn the things which you find amazing so you never get bored of this computer thingy. If you know how to deal with computers and how to deal with software along with social networking sites then you can start with developing the stuff too. At least you should be able to be a master user of the computer. You should be able to understand what computer is saying to you and what you should do. Since most people never read the computer message because they don’t understand it so they ignore, but you shouldn’t be like this you should understand that what computer is about to let you know.

Start With Google – The Ultimate Master to Guide you!

After you are a good internet user as well as computer one, now you can think to be a web developer. You can take a lot of help from the Google to learn how to code. You should know how to search things, For this you just need to go to Google and then put the keywords of the things which you want to search. After that you can get million of sites related to that in a matter of seconds. Like if you want to search about how to use microsoft word then just search for “How to use Microsoft word or else using Microsoft word tutorials” simple! Thus, after making up mind to learn about web developing take help from Google where ever you get stuck.

Start with the most easy language to be learnt – HTML

Want to be a developer and understand the complicated languages? Then this is the start you should be able to master over the static content sites, you should be able to know that behind every site visible at the internet their is a code running behind the site which tells the browser how to display the site over all. If you want to look at the soure code of the site then open the website and right click on that. After that click on “View page source” the code which you will see is in mostly HTML and you can see that how the HTML can make the front visual look of the page. Actually it’s the browser like Mozilla and chrome which make the visual look of the website from the source code.

To learn HTML you can make use of Google Search but I will recommend you a website where you can take HTML lessons daily: Learn HTML from W3Schools here by reading one lesson daily and by practicing it you will be able to learn HTML in a week or two. Depends on how sharp are you! What ever you learn you should practice also I previously posted that how can you convert your PC into a server and install wordpress on it. You can easily use the same software to view your pages which you code using the HTML language. Grab a good editor like notepad++ which will highlight the starting and closing tags of HTML and then save it to your xampp folder. Access that using the browser and look at your hardwork. Yes! I described all this long task in a matter of few lines but if you are sharp enough and know how to use computers and software then you can grab my point.

After Learning HTML Move on to styling the Pages Using CSS:

After you have learnt the HTML now you need to style the pages so that they may look colorful. You can easily change the following things with CSS , actually CSS is a language which can change the visual look of your HTML code output.

  • The Background of the page
  • The Font Color of the Page
  • The Specific Area Color and Background Color
  • Border of Specific Area
  • To Put shadow around a font

And Much More! Thus it’s CSS which makes the web page look like  web page. CSS is abbreviation of Cascading Style Sheets If I am not wrong. You can easily learn CSS from here: Learn CSS from w3schools

After you have learnt HTML and CSS. You can easily take a start with your developing skills.

Be Experimental – Key to Everything:

You need to be experimental if you want to learn developing and also you need to be persistent with things too. If you stuck at something then you should Google that. You should never think that you are the only one who got stuck at this point search about the question and in every case the question has been pre asked at many sites and a working solution is present there. You can also drop comment here below this post to ask for any major help I will be also in contact with you soon. You should not stop on HTML and CSS rather the next step should be that you should experiment with photoshop. Photoshop a very amazing tool to create the graphics needs nothing but a fresh mind. I know it can seem hard to you but don’t worry time will tell you many things, you just need to look at every tool in the Photoshop and try to sort out the use of that tool. The hover bar which shows when you hover over any button also helps a lot as it happens in most of software. So just be experimental. It works and you learn thing with experiments and Google now look that at the end of the day you know how to take a start to be a developer. The things needed are:

  • When
  • Where
  • How

I will post more tutorials about developing soon so stay in touch and subscribe to news letter to get amazing deals.

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