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Walmart puts guns in “Back to School” section and faces online & offline Backlash

Walmart currently faces backlash for putting guns in ‘Back to School’ labelled section. Social media is not feeling good for this particular action of Walmart. They are accusing Walmart of the unethical display of guns in the back to school section.

An image surfaced online which showed guns in Walmart to be displayed under the ‘back to school’ sign. People started tweeting the image showing anger against Walmart. The image showed a sign that reads “Own the school year like a hero.” The guns were kept in the glass case.

One of the first people who took the image, and shared it on the Twitter told media that the sign appeared in the Evansville, Indiana Walmart. It’s store #1341.

The tweet can be read on Twitter. The source URL is for people who think that the news source is not worthy or credible.

The Walmart quickly responded on the twitter telling followers that the company wouldn’t allow something like this to happen in their stores. The retailer is digging hard to find the possible cause of the situation.

The Walmart took the matter into their own hands and removed the sign. They also issued an apologetic tweet to the user who first accused Walmart of putting guns under kids label. Walmart did an amazing job to assure that nothing of the sort happens in the future.

The matter could have been worse if it weren’t for Walmart twitter team. They responded to the tweet and told the administration to take the proper steps towards the solution of the problem.

Well done Walmart!

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