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Walmart Loss Prevention put on blast after wrongfully stopping customer who paid for everything

Written by Wamiq Ali

A Walmart employee stopped a lady from leaving the store because he accused her of theft. The lady showed her every proof of payment but he got stuck on one thing which he thought cost $15. The loss prevention employee couldn’t find anything of worth $15 on the bill.

The woman told the employee that the particular thing was worth $7 instead of $15 but he was insistent that she stole it from the store. The woman told her annoyingly that in her whole life she never stole anything. However, the employee scanned the barcode for the controversial product.

Surprisingly the price which came up on the smartphone was $7. The lady got quite angry at the employee and on the other hand, the employee instead of apologising for his behaviour continued acting weird.

Why is your face so red. Because you feel stupid? F*ck you!“, the guy just got ripped by the lady for falsely accusing her of the theft in Walmart.

Guy – “Keep cussing at me see where’s it going to get you”

Lady – “Oooooh am I going to go to cussing jail?”

Guy – (mumbles)

Lady – F*** You!

The video shows the stupidity of the Walmart employee. In the end of the video, the guy who was once bullying the woman started blushing red after he came to know about his own foolish mistake. He could have read the obvious price tag on the item. The woman threatened the guy that she’d never be coming to this particular Walmart store.

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