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Walmart Canada increases number of female store managers by 50% for women empowerment

Women empowerment is the talk of the town, and all this empowerment owns its strength from the waves of the feminism. These waves of feminism had started in the past to help get women all the basic rights which men were also getting in those times, like the right to vote and right of representation. The women representation and right to vote was a necessary thing because in that way they were able to select those leaders who had good policies regarding the empowerment of the women. The 21st century witnesses many women getting equal rights when compared with the men. However, still there may remain some differences in the men and women which are mostly intrinsic in nature.

According to a recent press release, Walmart in Canada has increased the women store managers by 50pc as they have implemented organisations’ Women in Retail programme. This means that women have successfully made their position better as retail managers. This is a new milestone and a message to the USA that this is how gender parity can be maintained as more than half of the Canada’s full-time managers in home office and in the field are women. This is a welcoming move for the feminists who often demand equal rights. In 2010, this percentage was stagnant, however this reached a good percentage in year 2013, jumping to 26.3. 

Canada had taken these ideas of including diversity in their daily working life from the Global Council of Women Leaders. These ideas were developed by the strategic framework to get more women into the work, Canada like a good country was able to import these ideas. According to the Diversity Magazine women in retail add the following benefits:

  • Developing, retaining and advancing women
  • Attracting female talent
  • Promoting inclusion
  • Investing in women externally.

What is your opinion regarding this women empowerment measures which Canada has implemented to bring women at par with the male population? The top tactic was to invite the already working female store managers to ask them the ways to get more females to work managers, those ideas helped them boost the numbers.

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