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Walmart accused of punishing workers for sick days, also alleged to discriminate against pregnant women

Walmart is one of the biggest private employers. An advocacy group of workers have recently reported that the Walmart continuously ignored sick leaves, doctor notes and ever didn’t allow the workers to have days off in order for them to take care of sick family members. 

It was even involved in punishing employees for lawful off-days. This report was published after surveying more than 1000 Walmart employees. The Walmart was found to be violating Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act. The group filed a lawsuit against Walmart and insisted that the Walmart practices discrimination with pregnant women.

Walmart should fully comply with the law so that no one is illegally punished for a disability-related absence or for taking care of themselves or a loved one with a serious medical condition. – said Dina Bakst

Dina Bakst is the president and founder of ‘A better balance’, the advocacy group that filed the lawsuit and prepared the report after interviewing more than 1000 Walmart employees.

We tried taking an answer from Walmart and over various news outlets we already found their response. Walmart said that they make sure enough employees are present to assist the customers. They hadn’t reviewed the published report but they denied all the allegations presented inside.

A spokesperson of Walmart said that they know well, the workers have to work harder and sometimes off the time but they make sure that the workers are compensated for their honest endeavours.

Katie Orzehowski alleges Walmart of the inhumane behaviour. In the report, she says that she had to take some off days because she was pregnant but Walmart wasn’t counting it in paid holidays, instead she was threatened to be fired. She had to get back to Walmart soon because one more day off due to pregnancy might have cost her job. She eventually had a miscarriage.

In November, A better balance filed a complaint with employment commission about Arleja Stevens. A pregnant woman who says that she wasn’t given leaves when she needed them due to her pregnancy. The company disagreed with the lawsuit and claims.

The woman who went through miscarriage, Katie Orzehowski.

A better balance then started surveying the employees to seek the truth.

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