Vietnamese man makes biodegradable straws from wild grass to solve world’s plastic problem

According to one estimate, each year their is around 8 million tons of plastic finding its way in the dump yards and the waters. This plastic is collectively changing the habitat of the earth and a lot of animals are just not comfortable with these changing conditions. One of the worst things about plastics is the durability. These are so durable that even after thousands year these plastics degrade a little. One estimate shows that USA uses 500 million plastic straws each day, thanks to the fast food chains and the emerging market of the drinks. These straws are made from plastics and these have a huge impact on the well being of the earth.

Many plastic products are made from the resins which are not from the crude oil. These resin are not biodegradable and as a result dwell in the earth for years, causing pollution. Marine life is equally affected from these plastic wastes. The aquatic animals engulf these plastic parts mistakenly thinking them as living animals. Later, they are unable to digest them, recently one whale had washed ashore.

There is another thing which is worth thinking, when these plastic straws are dumped, these decompose. When these start to decompose after a long period, these straws release harmful materials like BPA that pollute the oceans. However, a Vietnamese man named Tran Minh Tien has shown that a certain kind of grass can be used to make straws which are totally biodegradable. He has converted Lepironia articulata into straws. He has shared a video on Facebook and in that video has explained the procedure to convert this grass into straws.

A dried straw costs around 4.3 cents while a fresh one costs around 2.6 cents. The video posted on FB has gathered around 2.1 million views and it has been shared for more than 35k times.

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