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Terrorists captured police helicopter launches grenade attack on Venezuela’s ‘Supreme Court’

Written by Wamiq Ali

Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro is facing strict opposition and in a failed attempt terrorist lead helicopter launched a grenade attack on the supreme court building.

A video went viral showing a helicopter flying above the supreme court building with a major sign display saying, “Liberty. Article 350”. This article allows citizens to disobey the government if none of the civil rights are met and democratic guarantees are demolished. Maduro said that two grenades were thrown at the supreme court building but both of them failed to detonate.

Worthy to be mentioned that this incident looks like a retaliation against Maduro’s statement which he gave hours before the attack. He had mentioned that if his government was harmed through undemocratic forces then he along with his companions wouldn’t resist to take up arms. The eyewitnesses told local media that they heard some fire exchange between the guards of the supreme court and the helicopter. Maduro said that this particular incident was an act of the terrorism.

Agency sources estimated the man to be Oscar Pérez, a former captain in Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigation Service Corps. He was also involved in releasing stuff on social media against the current government in Venezuela. In one of the videos, he was seen with four gunmen, who were carrying assault rifles.

Venezuelans, dear brothers, we talk to you on behalf of the state. We are a coalition of military, police and civilians in search of an equilibrium and against this transitory, criminal government – said Pérez in a released video on social media.

Oscar Pérez, in the video released against the government

Information Minister later declared that before the helicopter flew to the supreme court, it opened 15 shots against the interior ministry, as the reception was carried out. Later as it flew to the supreme court, it launched Israeli-made hand grenades which were four in number.

After the incident security forces were deployed around the supreme court. The president said that no injury or death was brought due to the coward terrorist attack.

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