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Video shows woman getting punched in face by a dude after she threw stuff at his car while driving

Written by Wamiq Ali

A new video of road rage has popped up online where a dude punched a woman in the face after she threw nails at his car while driving. Police are currently investigating this suspected road rage. No inquiry has been started by the police since the woman hasn’t yet given any formal statement.

Police can’t do anything unless the alleged victim, the woman, comes forward and records a formal statement. Police also encouraged the man to record a statement and come forward.

Tuggerah Lakes police watched this video where a man got out of his car and punched a woman. The woman was standing in front of her car. The woman later posted on social media explaining the incident, “I threw nails at his car.”

Another Facebook post read, “I smashed his window after he punched me. Let people make a judgment.”

According to another post, the fight started after the man had “tried running us off the road with a five-month old baby in the car.”

Police says that the level of violence shown in the video is totally not acceptable. Police can’t do anything since the video showed only one side of the story. The whole story can’t be told unless one of the victims comes to the Police for a detailed report.

Though a male hitting a female is a particularly objectionable thing, if someone faces some problem on road then the right thing is to inform the police. The man actually took the law in his own hands. You can watch the video:

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  • Throwing nails at a moving vehicle is assault. And she’s bigger than him and perhaps not even female. So no harm, no foul. And this is where this trans crap will take us

    • She’s not bigger than him at all. Very clearly a woman in a female body. “Trans crap” has nothing to do with this… but what she did was wrong, what he did was wrong… usually I’d say two wrongs don’t make a right, but I’m feeling pretty satisfied with the outcome lol

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