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This Victoria’s Secret kicks out all black customers because of a black woman accused of stealing!

Kimberly Houzah was shopping at Victoria’s Secret while some black woman shoplifted. The manager asked all the black ladies in the store to leave. Houzah felt kind of discriminated over such a behaviour of the manager. She thought that she along with her race is being affiliated to the shoplifting.

She pledged to call the headquarters and customer service in order to ask them to take action against this discriminating behaviour. She also swore that in her whole life she is never going to visit victoria’s secret. Then she began to sob!

“I just, you’re kidding me,” she says, with tears in her eyes and a try to search for appropriate words.

“I already didn’t need to be spending the money, but I’m like, you know — I’m going to treat myself . . . and I got to come down here and deal with this B.S.”

Houzah who is a nurse by profession working in Calhoun County, Ala. detailed her experience through a Facebook Live Video. Live video recorded by her is going viral in the social media.

On Thursday she was shopping at Quintard Mall in Oxford, Ala. She wanted to buy a pair of sweat pants for her boyfriend but instead of buying those pants all she got was being kicked out of the store. As Houzah was shopping another black woman was caught shoplifting, she added. In the video, the manager can be heard asking all woman to leave. Houzah said that she couldn’t give the reason for the evacuation but all she did was to kick us all black out of the store. She further added that none of the white shoppers was asked to leave the place.

In a statement issued over victoria’s secret page, they state that they are very sorry for what happened with the lady.

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