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Vice President America: American dream was dying before Trump became president

Mike Pence has categorically stated that American Dream was dying before President Trump took a hold of his presidency in America. Pence who currently holds the portfolio of Vice President America praised the policies of Trump because according to him the president was able to successfully create more jobs while giving American economy a quick boost.

Trump’s policies are generating jobs and raising wages “at the fastest pace of all, gives evidence of the fact that the American dream is coming back. (said Mike Pence)

However, contrary to the claims of the VP America, a poll ran by RealClearPolitics tells that majority of Americans believe otherwise. Mike Pence had praised the President on Wednesday. During an interview with CNBC’s host Joe Kernan he said that the American Dream was dying before the inauguration of Donald Trump as president. 

I really do believe that’s why the American people chose a president whose family lived the American dream and was willing to go in and fight to make the American dream available for every American. (explained Mike Pence in defence of his praise vis-a-vis President Trump)

Mike Pence said that this was a result of successful Trump policies which made car manufacturers stay in the country for their production activities. He asserted that before Trump these manufacturers preferred to stay out of the country which resulted into a loss in job opportunities for the Americans.

Trump fought for trade deals that put American jobs and American workers first. (said Mike Pence claiming a successful job-generating policy of Trump’s administration)

According to a February poll ran by RealClearPolitics many Americans don’t believe in the Trump’s efforts to revive American Dream. Such Americans would like to have a debate with Mike Pence because 28% of the people who took the poll believed that American Dream was under serious threat.

37% of the poll’s voters said the American dream is alive, but under threat; 28% said it’s under serious threat, but that there’s still hope; 7% said it is dead; and 27% said it is alive and well. (as reported by CNBC)

What do you say in this regard? Mike Pence also added that the wages increased at a faster pace in America under Trump’s administration.

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