Veterans are pissed at Trump for not knowing how to spell ‘Marine Corps’

Written by Wamiq Ali

If you follow American Politics, then you know what a mess it is these days. Everyday something very strange and unusual happens, we think that it couldn’t get any weirder but it does. With the rise of populism in the world, there are changes being made in the world that were never expected. The right-wing politics saw a huge growth in their power in recent years. The recent wave of migration from the war-torn countries is seen as a threat to culture by the right-wing people. This kind of mentality sparked changes in the American politics as well.

When Donald J. Trump announced his run for the highest office many saw it as a joke, a publicity stunt and nothing more. But soon everyone realized that he was a real threat to the political world as they knew it. Every day there is a new tweet that sparks outrage among the people. Trump is chaotic and very unpredictable like when he was talking about the recent Florida shooting, out of nowhere he said that the law enforcement should be able to take the guns before a court order if they suspect anything fishy.

Now keeping in mind that his core base is Republican, which sees the Second Amendment as their God-given right, his stance shouldn’t have been like such. Although he retracted after some time, this shows how he is. Trump is often called a self-centered person, who likes to think he is best in everything. He does so many things that seem outrageous, but it is not surprising anymore. It wouldn’t be wrong to think that people are getting used to his way of the presidency. Just imagine if Obama had said something about guns as mentioned earlier, he would have likely been impeached for speaking against the constitutional right in such a way.

Trump loves twitter, he likes that his words can reach millions without a filter of media and cannot be misrepresented. Well, the idea is certainly fascinating but it is not so much when it comes to Trump. Most people remember the time when the “covfefe” tweet baffled the internet. We thought he might have learned from his mistakes after the internet made so much fun. But as mentioned earlier, things are never normal with the trump, they are far from normal. Recently he made a tweet where he misspelled “Marine Corps” as “Marine Core”. The tweet has been taken down, but it has already done the damage. Veterans are angry that such a mistake was made by their commander-in-chief.

I served for more than 20 years in the Marine Corps. I know that he doesn’t read, but the fact that our Commander-in-Chief doesn’t know the difference between a Corps and a “Core” is more than a spelling error. Wrap yourself in the flag all you like – actual veterans have had it. – wrote @MorganForMI at Twitter

Another guy @Carter_PE wrote, “Who wants to tell the boss that it’s Corps not Core?”

This mistake started a huge brawl at the social media. The people of America were not ready to ingest such a mistake from the President.

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