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Veteran Forced to Sell Home because of Hefty Fine for Flying American Flag

Written by Logical Men

A veteran had to sell his house after he was harassed by the HOA because he displayed an unauthorized American Flag.

It is a generally known reality that a person’s house has his heart but Air Force veteran Larry Murphree says his heart is with his country. He told that he was thinking about his country one day and decided to put a small US flag in a flower pot on his front porch. He took it as a sign for jingoism. He said it was not a huge deal but it had a meaning. He claimed that the small flag meant a big thank you. However, HOA at the Tides Condominium in Sweetwater didn’t feel that these feelings were mutual. He then received a violation notice that told him about the unauthorized object and asked him to take it down. It was natural for the veteran to decline the direction.

This then led to the old vet being fined up to $1000 dollars because he refused to take down the flag. It was the result of a $100 fine that was placed every single day. He then hired a lawyer named Gust Sarris and filed a lawsuit. “We believe we have the right to display the American flag, we filed suit in federal court,“ Sarris told. Both HOA and the vet made an agreement that the flag could be flown and considered the battle a win. After a few months, though, Sarris told the HOA changed that flag ordinance to a flower pot ordinance. HOA managed to re-categorize it and started doing the exact same thing again, and started imposing a $100 fine every single day and deducted the fine from fee money without the knowledge of the vet. They even started fining him for very little things like not parking the car straight. The legal battle has now went on for 7 years. Murphree had to sell the house to avoid further loss. His case has been set for trail in next year.

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