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Veteran Arrested from heated road rage incident that went viral, had punched victim several times

Written by Wamiq Ali

The man from the Facebook viral video showing his road rage gets arrested by authorities. This man happened to be a veteran and he was quite rude with a girl and her boyfriend who were travelling. Let’s give you some background of the incident before giving you a good news of his arrest.

The girlfriend recorded the video of the incident and published it on Facebook. According to her, she with her boyfriend were travelling on Old Stage Road, Colorado. They were headed to some hiking trip. During the travel, they were confronted by a man who was apparently trying to pass them on the road. He stopped them in the way. He was so angry that he came to them boasted himself as a combat army veteran, punched her boyfriend multiple times. The boyfriend got terrified and remained in his limits, meanwhile, the girl stepped off the car and took a video of the man along with his license plate.

The man was still shouting who called himself as a combat army veteran. The girl told him that he was losing his control and he hit her boyfriend over a car. The man kept on shouting, calling her by names, telling them that both of them had no common sense.

Apparently, it seemed that the veteran was trying to pass and the guy in the car with his girlfriend allegedly didn’t give him enough space on the road to do as desired. He even got out of controlled and warned both of them that he would kill them.

Well, look at the man below. He’s the same man who was yelling at the kids.

The man gets arrested, here is his mugshot

According to the Fox21 news, El Paso Country Sheriff’s office captured the guy and released the statement that this guy was travelling this Sunday on Old Stage Rd. meanwhile, the victim was driving slowly on the road when a Suburban driven by 28-year-old Chad Huntsinger began to tailgate him. Huntsinger then tried to pass the victim on a narrow and curvy part of the road, as, the victim was almost off the road due to narrow distance. The suspect then started to call victim by names and the victim later pulled off on a roadside where a lot of other cars were present.

The man can be seen shouting at the guy, while the girl recorded the video

Huntsinger then got out of his car and punched the victim several times along with saying profanity words several times. He got charged with first-degree criminal trespass, third-degree assault, two counts of harassment, and menacing.

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