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Restaurant’s customer complaint, ‘owner kids run around in the nude and defecate on the floor’, later ‘Vegan Cafe’ gets slammed

It would have been a pure treat of humour for a person like me but definitely, it’s not something worth justifying, imagine eating your food and some naked kid runs around and defecates on the floor. I think this is a pure form of trolling. Only kids can pull off genuine stuff because they are clear at heart.

Thie story went trending with a customer of Imagine Vegan Cafe, Memphis, Tennessee complained, ‘the kids running in the hall totally nude and even trying to defecate’. The customer couldn’t bear the visual scenes of a boy running around the cafe and then also releasing his shit on the floor.

The review got posted and the owners of the cafe, Adam and Krisite Jeffrey, started to criticise the customer and treated the review as some fake agenda to denounce the cafe. The owners started to defend the child behaviour online.

Chelsea Bartley left a review on the Google plus about the awkward behaviour of the kid. She expected some action against the kid to prevent that particular defecation on the floor, but she was wrong. No one stepped in to stop the kid.

Adam and Kristie, the whole Jeffrey Family

The review got some serious attention. The Google profile review can be read below:

The review left about Imagine Vegan Cafe

The next response comes from some PR guy who definitely tries best to save the image of any company. However, the owner stepped in and made an official statement on their Facebook page.

Vegan Cafe owner’s response

Well, the owners could have handled it in a better way. The comments and review don’t make sure that there actually was some trashy happening, but the owners response kind of make the hole thing true.

Then the explanation goes on and an unstoppable thread takes birth with two opposing sides grabbing their part in the show.

People started to take sides of the reviewer and started criticising the owners. Then as you know, how an internet war continues.

And who needs money, right because that’s not a place of money, no one is doing business.

Now, all these comments and posts got removed from the official Facebook page of Imagine Vegan Cafe. I think some lawyer suggested the couple to remove all the hatred.

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