Vegan burger company ‘Beyond Meat’ raises more than $241m amid growing demand for ‘Vegan Food’

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All around the world people are becoming excessively diet conscious. They now prefer to have a balanced diet. A growing number of people now believe that adding plant diet to their daily diet is a good decision. Therefore, investors around the globe are now also thinking to invest in the Vegan Food. Talking about the startups which are working on to provide vegan food, a new company ‘Beyond Meat’ has popped up which has opened after a backing from the Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio. This company aims to provide Vegan burgers to its consumers.

The company made into headlines when it made an amazing start at the Wall Street. It doubled its share price. This means that the investors were willing to fund Beyond Meat using their money. This California based startup has raised more than $1.2 b at the opening on the Nasdaq exchange. Beyond Meat prices its shares at $26 but soon the shares started to market at $46. The shares didn’t take a break at $46 but instead the price ended at $65.75 per share. Friday morning, the share price further got a boost which made it rise to $68.11. This lifted the evaluation of the company closer to $4 billion.

These trends show that the future is the Vegan burger. This company was founded in 2009 and in year 2019 its getting its fair share of fame. A growing number of people are turning towards the plant-based meat alternatives. Whether someone is a vegetarian or a flexitarian, this company accounts for the needs of everyone.

Nestle and Unilever are also attempting to invest in this growing sector. The role of media is quite clear in making people sensitive to their diet selections. The people are more aware then ever and like Hollywood celebrities they also want to live a healthy and better life. Beyond Meat’s early success means that people are willing to buy such products.

Investors recognize that this is not a niche but a mainstream movement and a huge business opportunity. (said the director of the Good Food Institute)

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