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Vegan activists enter a cattle farm for sake of ‘animal liberation’ while farmers stand hopeless

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The debate of meat vs vegetables has become a talk of the internet in the recent years. The opinion is differing in both the matters, some people prefer to remain vegan which is a part of their religious beliefs while the other group prefers to eat mixed diet. Those who eat meat often are found to maintain that the proteins present in the meat are necessary for a healthy life. The debate is long and non-ending, the difference of opinion os often hard to be curbed down. The moment when everyone admits that the difference of opinion is a healthy thing, the world would become a better place. In a recent show of activism, vegans recently entered a cattle farm in Queensland as they tried to liberate all the animals. It’s worth mentioning that vegans often claim about animals rights, they have a fundamental belief that animals should be given right to live.

A footage of the incident has gone viral on the internet, in the video the activists can be seen charging into the farm. In the video a distressed farmer can be seen who couldn’t do anything while facing the activists. These 150 activists outnumbered the hopeless farmer. The protestors were wearing the white overalls and they were covered in black shirts, there was written Meat the Victims on the shirts. The lot feeder was later interviewed by the Daily Mail Australia and he said that it was pretty distressing for the entire family to watch the activists ruining their efforts to raise the animal cattle.

These protestors then gathered around a corner in the farm. They captured images of dead cows which were lying in muddy pens. The overwhelmed farmer told the protestors that these cows were given death humanely. One of the protestors shouted that how someone can give death to an animal in humane manner.

Police was called on the place. When the police had arrived the activists had left the area. According to the news sources of Australia it has been told that no arrests were made. The footage of the incident was posted on the Animal Activist Collective

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