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Vacation ends terribly after parasailing crew forgets to buckle up man properly with no OSHA compliance

Written by Wamiq Ali

This is one tragic incident, a 70-year-old Australian man dies in the middle of the sea because of some failed harness.

This happened some days ago when this old couple when to Thailand to spend some vacations. The man wanted to do parasailing and thus he went to Phuket to turn his dream into a reality. He didn’t realise that this might be the last day in his life. His wife was filming the whole scene while he was buckling up for the adventure.

The video got uploaded on Facebook and got quite a lot of attention. Someone said that they didn’t strap his legs and there shouldn’t be any person behind the passenger while parasailing. This isn’t the proper OSHA compliance.

Man buckling up for parasailing

I think the equipment wasn’t up to the date there must have been some issue with the equipment. The salted environment and the sun must have made the harness weak enough to easily go away. Plus, the worker sitting on the ropes was steering the whole thing along with the hanging passenger. This worker wasn’t following any safety procedures. I’ll like to bring on another picture of another parasailing event which might give you an overview of this Phuket parasailing practice.

Another Phuket Parasailing Still Image

You can see that the guy behind is wearing no safety equipment and he is responsible for steering this whole thing. According to Daily Mail, the operators gave a statement to the Police. According to the statement Roger Hussey, the 70-year-old man accidentally pulled a hook that unstrapped his harness after confusing the ropes on the parasail.

Hussey fell into the water after he went loose, and the parasailing operator on the ground took a boat to rescue the man. He was taken to the hospital where he was declared dead.

70-year-old man falling down

Police are currently holding the operators involved for further investigation. We are yet not sure how this story gets a conclusion but it’s dead man vs operators. You can watch the video below:

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