8 Awesome Uses of Google translator

Language is one of the aspects that differentiate the world into different groups of people. Thanks to telecommunication and internet; the world is now a global village. People from all around the world can stay in touch with some simple and easy-to-use accessories. Computer and mobile phones are the most used ones among them. It produces a need of some common language or medium to communicate between the people from different regions of the world. Mostly it is English, but that’s not the universal language. To tackle this problem, Google Inc. provides a simple solution known as Google Translator. It can prove to be a very helpful partner for organisations as well as individuals. Here I am listing some of the great uses of Google translator:

Google Translator

Online Communication:

Internet has taken over the means of communication in recent years and it has a lot of applications that help millions of people to communicate all around the globe for business or other matters. When the cross country communication takes place, there is a chance that the language difference becomes a barrier in the communication and the problem under observation may not be solved or made even worse due to misunderstanding of the language. Google Translator is a solution tp all of these problems. It provides instant translation of the messages. All you have to do is to copy the written text and paste that in translator box. It will instantly provide the translated text in you r desired language.

Web Browsing:

Google translator is a very useful tool while surfing on web. You come across many sites or pages that are not in the language you understand but you wish to understand the provided stuff. There are extensions of Google Translator for web browsers that allow us to translate the site into language that you understand. Or you can simply paste the link to the webpage to the Google translator site and you get the translated webpage with ease.

Research Work:

Internet is the major source of collecting the research data now due to the vast availability of the data of so many topics that you desire to investigate. While searching for a specific research paper or some book, you may end up to a link that is written in some unknown language. In some cases, you’ll not find any other alternate to read that stuff out, so rather than being worried, you just have to reach Google translator on internet and just get the thing understandable in your language.


Google translator is a must-have thing for the tourists, especially when they are in some foreign country. The latest application for Android and iOS users takes the usage to whole new level. Now you can translate even the sign boards on the road. All you have to do is to take out the mobile phone having the app and get the camera to the sign. It will provide the translated meaning in just 36 seconds. The same thing can be used ordering any food if the menu is in local language. There are a lot more things like that you can do with a simple application of Google translator.

Conversation Mode:

Conversation mode of the application for Android and iOS is a Next Level thing. While you have a conversation with some foreign while your travel abroad, the simplest way to understand what the local is telling is the Google translator app in its conversation mode. All there is to be done is to press the mike button and it starts listening. There is no need to activate it again and again. Once it starts, it will detect the language if you don’t know and then give you the information in your language and the other way around. It is quite cool aspect as you don’t have to find someone who could understand you language or so. This all can be done very simply.


Google translator can also be used as a simple dictionary. When you paste the text into the translator box to translate, it also gives you the highlighted translation of the word you hold the cursor on. You can move your cursor around in the text and get the meaning of the individual words as well other than the whole sentence. Or you can even type a word and get the meaning simple as that.


Self-learning is a much appreciated quality of an individual. You can find a lot about anything you want to learn on internet. Internet can serve extremely well as an online tutor. All you have to do is just to ask for some tutorials or samples and figure the rest out by some very simple steps which are mostly provided and guided along with the stuff. Google translator can act as a tutor for language courses as it has around 90 languages which can be learnt as well. Basic steps to learning a language is to know the basic words and join them to make sentences and with time, you can understand the language. It can also speak out the translated words for you to learn the pronunciation as well.

Document Translation:

Throughout the life, especially the student phase, you would have or will have certain instances where you come up with the task to translate a document or a part of it. The document can be a manual of some imported machinery or something that is in some foreign language. You can ask Google translator to translate the document for you by uploading the file to the site. Or in case you don’t have the soft copy but the hard one of the document. Well, not a problem, just take out your smartphone and get the document in front of camera to get the things done.