USA soccer star refuses to sing national anthem before World Cup match

In other news, Megan Rapinoe has refused to sing national anthem before the start of the match against Thailand. She has taken this decision in the Women’s World Cup on Tuesday and since then she is getting quite a lot of comments from different spheres of public in different dimensions. The news sources reported that Rapinoe stood silent while the other team members were busy singing the national anthem before the start of the game.

After Colin Kaepernick in 2016, Rapinoe became the first white player to kneel during the national anthem. After that, the soccer player has blatantly refused to sing the national anthem with her team mates. Rapinoe has clearly called it an open protest against the policies of Trump. She thinks that the way she knelt down while the anthem was being played it was a kind of staunch protest against the administration of Trump.

The anthem, which has become an anthem for players, stands for an act of American patriotism. The NFL has been playing a series of national anthem protests over the last few years. So why the controversy over the anthem? This is because many players think that the national anthem is a remanent of the bad things done to the African-Americans and a base of the racial-prejudice.

In the past, NFL had suspended some of its players who have been involved in protests. The general view about these suspensions and protests was that those involved do not condone violence or disrespect any flag. In fact it was all about the peaceful protests, according to those who refused to stand for the anthem.

I feel like it’s kind of defiance in and of itself to just be who I am and wear the jersey, and represent it. Because I’m as talented as I am, I get to be here, you don’t get to tell me if I can be here or not. (said Rapinoe with regards to her actions.)

In her interview, she added that Colin Kaepernick had inspired her to a large scale and in-fact he was a source of inspiration for everyone because of his assertive opinion of not standing up during the national anthem. Rapinoe holds a prestigious position of co-captain of the women’s national soccer team.

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