US Women Soccer team seeks to go to court over equal pay issue

It seems that the negotiations with the soccer federation are over and now the national female soccer team seeks to go to the court in order to get their conflict of equal pay resolved. As the negotiation are over, the future of the equal pay seem bleak at thee moment.

Players associated with the women female team of soccer in US had appealed in March over issues related to the equal pay, they had claimed that the females were not being paid at par with the men. Women team was of the opinion that since they also worked and played in a similar fashion as compared to the men; therefore, they should also be paid in equal terms.

However, the efforts to get equal pay seemed to be halted when USWNT spokesperson Molly Levinson said that they had ended the negotiation meetings. A message was given out by the players that they were pretty disappointed because of the federation decision to continue with the pay disparity.

Levinson in a statement claimed that the intentions of Board of Directors and President were pretty clear as they wanted to pay men team more as compared to the pay of the women team. She further added that since they were not discouraged; therefore, they would be seeking a jury trial on the matter of equal pay.

As the matter is developing, the representatives at the U.S. soccer didn’t comment when asked by the media, especially by the CNN. However, the organisation said that there only goal was for a resolution of the dispute.

When a suit was filed back in March, 28 players of the team had signed the petition as all of them opined that they were being paid less. This lawsuit was a part of a long battle between USWNT and U.S. Soccer regarding gender equality and equal pay. Since, USWNT has won four of eight world cup; therefore, they are reminding the federation to give them equal benefits.

U.S. soccer on the other hand claims that the difference is not because of the gender but only because the aggregate revenue generated by the teams is calculated while determining the pay and monetary shares. Further, Soccer president at one time also claimed that thee USWNT was paid more as compared to the men team.

A better explanation has been provided at the CNBC website. Incase someone feels he wants to know more, then CNBC provides a good overview of the legal end of the problem at hand.

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