US thinks over revoking recognition of Transgender People

Everybody has a right of self determination and this is all what democracy is about. Everyone is given equal rights in a democratic country. People are not discriminated against each other. A memo has been obtained by The Times which shows that department of health and human services is attempting to establish a legal definition of the gender of a person.

The administration is going to define gender as a biological and immutable condition. Gender can only be described by the genitalia, as reported by The New York Times. The new definition will be made by keeping in view the federal civil rights law so that everything is in accordance with the existing laws. The suggested proposals reflect that the new law will define gender as either male or female. This gender declaration will be unchangeable. The department proposed in the document that gender of a person should be defined at the time of his birth. That should be carried for the rest of his life. The memo has been drafted and according to The New York Times it’s under consideration. However, this prove of gender at the time of birth can be later challenged only through reliable genetic evidence. Health and Human Services department is attempting to create uniformity in the laws. It is trying to take Education, Justice and Labor department to come at par with each other in case of gender laws. It believes to create uniformity.

Trump is already facing some controversy after he had ordered to remove trans-people from military. It’s also worth noting that Trump administration has not filled a position which was created by former secretary of state John Kerry. This position was to advocate LGBTQ rights around the world. Last year something out of the blue happened. A transgender Democratic Party member won a seat in the Virginia state legislature. This was a huge thing for the LGBTQ community. Christine Hallquist hopes to become the first transgender governor in Vermont.

Information Source: TheJakartaPost

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