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US teacher rips off 8-year-old girl’s hijab, meets consequences

Written by Wamiq Ali

A girl was found misbehaving in class as normal children are inclined to do! However, this teacher actually did something absurd to cope with the situation. Oghenetega Edah, a 31-year old teacher, ripped off her scarf in order to punish for her doing. This happened last week but couldn’t come in sight of the authorities, but when this was investigated in light of child abuse, the teacher was found guilty and was immediately fired from the school.

Bennington school had this teacher as a substitute for the class where this 8-year-old girl studied. The girl was sitting in the teacher’s chair when he commanded her to leave the chair at once. When the girl didn’t comply, the teacher threatened her to leave the chair or he’ll remove the scarf.

“I’m taking it off”, he said as he ripped off the scarf from her head and also giving her an eye injury. Doctors at Jacobi hospital examined the girl on the emergency basis and found that the cornea of the eye wasn’t affected and the girl was out of danger. Department of education completely condemned the whole situation which had happened in school.

The individual was removed from the school and his appointment was cancelled as stated by the department of education. Police took control of the situation and took action against the teacher. However, parents weren’t happy with what had happened with the child, they said:

It’s crazy…I just feel like teachers are supposed to control their anger a little bit more. That’s why they’re there. To teach and be calm. They’re supposed to be patient. That’s your job,” – Yvarie Ortiz, a parent of a first-grader at the school

This incident has stirred some bad influence for the Muslims as nationwide some other hate incidents related to hijab have been taking place earlier. 

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