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US student held in captivity sent home from North Korea, dies

An American student was kept in captivity for 15 months in the North Korea. Recently he was released but he couldn’t survive and died after returning to America.

Otto Warmbier, 22-year-old students, returned to America last Tuesday but the family learned that he had been in coma for almost a year. The family was quite shocked to learn about the young Warmbier condition.

Warmbier was caught by authorities in North Korea after he tried to steal a Propaganda sign in a hotel. He was given 15 years of hard labour in the sentence, as the court ruled. According to North Korean, he went into coma after suffering heavily from food poisoning. Warmbier belonged to Cincinnati. Ohio.

On 13 June he was ordered to be released in North Korea and yet the cause of his illness and coma is unclear. The young man’s family blamed North Korea for the severe torture which caused his death. Though the forensic reports after his death don’t show any signs of the torture. The reports even say that he wasn’t suffering from food poisoning, instead, he faced a respiratory arrest which is created because of the lack of oxygen intake. The lesser oxygen causes low transfusion of it, in the blood.

Warmbier appeared in news conference shortly after getting arrested

Warmbier was studying economics at the University of Virginia. He was travelling to North Korea as a tourist. He got caught on 2 January 2016. A month later he appeared at a news conference in which he appeared emotional. He said that he wanted to take the sign as a trophy back to the U.S. Foreign tourists have often made under pressure statements in North Korea.

The United States once again condemns the brutality of the North Korean regime as we mourn its latest victim – a statement by president’s office

The trip to North Korea was a China-based trip which has announced that it wouldn’t be taking U.S. tourists to the North Korea.

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