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US satellites observe North Korean ICB-Missiles getting into position, a silent Kim Jong-un’s message

Kim Jong-un hasn’t delayed getting through a threat message to the US. The satellites owned by the US in the space have observed a strange North Korean missile movement. This is going to serve as an indirect boost that North Korea is now ready to launch missiles on Guam.

North Korean media is quite quick to deliver threat messages. This morning Kim had been briefed by his missile command on the completed plans to test launch missiles and bracket the US Pacific territory of Guam.

North Korean media also reported that Kim is of the view to first observe the behaviour and then launch the test missiles. The US has already released a statement saying that any missile launched toward Guam would be deemed as an act of terror.

US Defense Secretary gave a press release, “Any such act would be an act of war.

However, US has the technology to take down any such missile before it hits anything critical. Analysts, however, are taking this in a different way. They think that North Korea is taking the defensive side and is kind of afraid of US. Dr Genevieve Hohnen, a Politics Lecturer at Edith Cowan University said that it appears as a path to defuse the crisis since Kim says that they’d watch any US behaviour before giving an order to fire.

We know what to expect from Kim. This isn’t the kind of statement that would be interpreted as aggressive – despite all the aggressive rhetoric. The fact Kim Jong-un says he will respond only if the US does not de-escalate the situation is significant. – Reported NZ Herald.

Today was a special day in North Korea. They are celebrating their liberation which happened at the end of world war 2. North Koreans are used to doing something on special days.

The tweet can be found here.

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