UNO confirms you can end the game with action card

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This one debate was quite common among the players of the UNO, as they debated if the game could be ended using an action card or not, well the official answer has arrived and it has turned the tables upside down. The officials behind the UNO claim that one can end the game using the action card. There is a probability that once in a lifetime you might have wanted to end the game or finish the player sitting next to you by taking out Draw 2 card.

One may have also wanted to use variation of colors or Draw 4 cards to win over the opponent sitting next. However, people normally have said that these moves were not allowed and one player couldn’t walk such a path. Tempers were often found to be lost over this debate or friendships were often jeopardized. The definite answer to this problem has just arrived, and one can link his best friends to this article for making them learn the real rules.

UNO responded to this long standing problem

This was the reply of the Official UNO twitter account to solve this long standing problem.

This means that a player can draw out an action card in order to finish the game. But this isn’t as simple as it may sound, there is one catch which the player should keep in mind. One can only discard one action card per turn.

One can even end the game with the Draw 2 or Draw 4 cards. This has solved a huge issue for the UNO game players. Now, there wouldn’t be any more debate other than following the right kind of the rules. This was a long standing debate and now this seems to be solved. People can also go to the Twitter in order to get more explanation on the matter. The folks running the Twitter account seem to be quite friendly as they are answering every type of question.

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