UNO confirms that players can’t Stack +4 or +2 cards

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UNO recently revealed a hard truth about its game playing rules; in the revelation it was made clear that +4 and +2 cards can not be stacked.

On the Twitter, the company published tweets on its official account. In the tweets, UNO mentioned that the move had been illegal all the time; however, the comapny knew that players had been trying to sneakily pull off the move. The rule makes it clear that if one player pulls out a +4 card then the next player in turn must pull out four cards and skip his turn. Stacking is simply not allowed.

Anyone who has played UNO cards game with his friends and family must know that stacking +4 and +2 card is a common practice. With this practice being so common, it has become clear that the players never took this strategy so clearly. After this new announcement, many players went ahead and tweeted about it.

Many people went to Twitter in an attempt to simply condemn the move. A lot of tweets were made against the UNO’s announcement which was meant to stop the players from stacking the two cards. It becomes clear with the amount of tweets going against the announcement that the people are simply not ready to let go the card-stacking move.

Card games are pretty cool and amazing, a good source of entertainment such games are; however, these games can also become a source of major conflict in the family and friends circle. Things often become serious if the original rules are not followed while playing the game, for sake of the same purpose of clarifying the rules and to avoid any future conflict, UNO preferred to clear the official stance on the card stacking issue.

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