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United Kingdom Facts: Top 10 That You Must Know

Written by Awais Ahmad

United Kingdom has much more to its history than you think. Being a student of Constitutional Law, I have always found the history of United Kingdom to be unique and one of its kind. The evolutionary growth of their system is astonishing, how they kept their customs and turned monarchy into modern-day democracy. They invaded more than 90 percent of countries in the world and colonized it. They did it to benefit their own countries but due to those intrusion, many countries are now developed. Although there are number of interesting United Kingdom facts but we have made a list with the top picks which are based on a personal judgement of our researchers.

United Kingdom Facts

1) The Queen’s Ownership

Monarchy is one-third of the ruling body of UK constitution, and the concept of monarchy has been changing over the course of centuries. The Queen posses no power practically but in theory she is the source of power and head of the state. I consider this one my favorite in this list of United King facts that Queen is legally the owner of one-sixth land of the total land of the earth.

United Kingdom Facts

2) Composition

The United Kingdom is not a one country but is composed of four different countries i.e England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Some part of Ireland became independent, and the remaining part is now called Northern Ireland. This not just it, there are fourteen overseas territories that are part of UK. Each country has its own system of administration.


3) Kate Middleton

She boosted the economy of UK by 1 billion pounds in 2012, after her wedding women bought more and more of the copycat shoes and dresses that resulted in such a huge number of difference in the economy.

Kate Middleton

4) Queens Age

I may not be the only one to think that the Queen is actually immortal. I feel sorry for the prince because he couldn’t enjoy being a monarch for such a long time and this does not seems to be happening anytime soon. On 09/09/2015 Queen Elizabeth became the longest reigning United Kingdom monarch ever. This list of United Kingdom facts seems incomplete without mentioning the age fact of the Queen.

Good Day Peasants

5) Keep Calm

There was a time when the Facebook was filled with Keep Calm memes. You may find this interesting, that this poster was introduced in 1939 as a way of preserving morale against Nazi Invasion of Britain.

Keep Calm and Carry On

6) Cup of Tea

Brits are known for their love for tea, according to a report they drink 165,000,000 cups of tea every single day of the year. This fact is incomplete with Sherlock sipping the cup of tea in the most British way ever.


7) Channel Tunnel

England and France only have 34 km gap between them and both of the countries are connected by a tunnel called “Channel Tunnel”.


8) Big Ben

This name does not refer to the clock, it is a common misconception. The name “Big Ben” is referred to the bell inside.


9) First Underground Subway

The first city in the world to have an underground subway is London.

London's Subway

10) Strange Sighting

I personally do not believe this one but there have been several claims that suggest that people actually saw  ‘Nessie’ venturing around Loch Ness in Scotland. And the sightings are 10 in number.


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