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Unfortunate Thief robs convenience store & gets shot instead, as every single customer was armed

Written by Wamiq Ali

An unfortunate day for the thief as he tried to rob the store but ended up getting shot in the leg. Every customer in the convenience store was armed and once the thief made a mistake, all of them pulled their guns immediately and ended the crime scene.

It was like a normal day at the convenience store and everyone was busy buying stuff of their need. Suddenly, some unusual entrance was spotted at the main door. Someone entered giving away the wrong vibes and it appeared as if it was the wrong guy. Later, the same guy pointed out the gun and asked the cashier for all the cash. It was a thief who wanted to rob the store. We named him unfortunate because so many people were armed inside, but we don’t have any sympathies for the thief.

As I said, there were so many armed people in the store, the thief was at the time pointing out the gun at the cashier and others. The response of the customers was stance and gesture. It looked like they were the policemen in civil clothes. Anyhow, in the CCTV footage, everything can be seen, the thief dropped his gun or I think he was made to drop his gun and then a man shot him right in the leg or stomach. The thief fell down on the floor.

After watching the video, now you know what I’m talking about. After following up the incident and CCTV footage, the whole story opened up.

It happened in Brazil and inside the store were four off-duty plain clothes worn police officers. They were carrying concealed weapons and the thief had no idea what was going on inside. The criminal was shot multiple times and that’s why he can be seen lying on the floor out of the pain. The cop who initially shot the thief also ran to the door to find if he had any other company. The same cop took cover behind the shelf and drew his service revolver shooting three times on the thief. Afterwards, the other cops followed the same practice.

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