Undercover police poses as drug dealer to arrest undercover police posing as drug buyers

Police are essential for the maintenance of law and order. Sometimes they have to go to extreme ends in order to make sure they make the society safer.

Going undercover is one of those difficult tasks, where they have to put their whole lives on a pause and adapt to a new lifestyle.

It seems like it is very simple but sometimes the mess up is inevitable.

A number of undercover policemen went undercover in Detroit as drug dealers but due to a mess up, another group of cops thought them to be real drug dealers raiding their house, this was called ‘probably the most embarrassing things seen the department’ by the Police chief.

This incident took place on Nov. 9 when two officers from Detroit’s 12th precinct were undercover as a drug dealer in order to arrest buyers. Which ended up being a disaster. Two buyers arrived at the so-called drug house but they were also the undercover police officers from Detroit’s 11th district.

They started searching everything upon their arrival. The body cam caught the whole bazaar incident of the officers having a fight including punching each other,

“They appeared to be like Keystone cops,” Craigs said, referring to the fictional police officers depicted in comedic silent films.

According to Craig, this event has triggered an investigation.

Backs in 80s something similar happened but that took the life of two police officers.

The Police Chief expressed relief that no lives were taken.

Another example of how much time, effort, and money is wasted on the bogus “war on drugs.” We (Hard Comedy) can see why this happened though. In order to keep undercover work secret, NOBODY other than those immediately involved in the operation can know. Especially in Detroit where I’m sure there are plenty of cops who get paid well by the dealers to keep them informed of undercover operations. These guys were apparently TOO good at keeping their jobs under wraps.

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