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Unarmed black man Stephen Clark fatally shot by California Cop in own Backyard

Written by Logical Men

A black man was shot by the police on a suspicion that he was carrying a weapon. Stephon Clark was the name of the 22-year-old unfortunate man who got his life taken away in his own backyard. The police received a call that a guy was trying to get in a house, soon after that, the police rushed towards the spot both on the ground and on the helicopter as well. They saw Clark advancing towards them and thought that he was carrying a weapon that later turned out to be a cellphone. He was shot multiple times by the cops.

We should not jump to conclusion, but someone has to address the elephant in the room. Why do black guys end up being dead in this kind of incidents? His family told a news channel that he was a family guy, who never did wrong by them. He left behind two kids of tender age. There was a split second decision that was made by the cops, but he was shot 10 times by each police officers.

The department is conducting an investigation, which supposedly will bring the truth forward. The family has set up a gofundme page to pay for his funeral.

This kind of incidents keeps on scaring the minorities because this is not the first time that an unarmed black guy was shot dead because police thought he was a threat.

Whatever the investigation turns out to be, the one thing that we need to worry about is that there is a genuine need for reformation of such encounters, so that this kind of legal murders can be avoided. Our prayer and thoughts go with the family and we hope that they get the truth, the truth as a whole and can give a logical explanation to their kids when they grow up about the incident.

Watch the video of the incident:

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