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Unapologetic COD gamer does fatal “swatting” prank leading to death of a person

Written by Wamiq Ali

A man placed a fatal swatting call which resulted in the death of a person who was innocent and had nothing to take in the entire incident. The victim was fatally shot by the police after the prankster directed them towards his home following an online gaming argument.

Tyler Barriss, a 25-year-old gamer contacted the Los Angeles police and gave them a fake address which lead to a fatal shooting of a father of two by the SWAT team. Andy Finch, 28-year-old of Wichita Kansas was the victim of this fatal shooting.

It’s my personal belief that I didn’t cause someone to die, Of course, I was involved – admitted the guy during a YouTube channel interview before his arrest

The call was made by me, but as far as the whole incident, you could point the finger at a few different people. You could point the finger at the cop that shot him, you could point the finger at the guy who made the call. You could point the finger at the person that gave the address – said the guy behind the prank

Meanwhile, the family of the victim has been left devastated. The brother of the victim was interviewed and according to him Andy was trying to turn his life around in recent years. The victim had spent most of the time of his childhood in a Foster care and also spent time in Juvenile Detention. In addition to this he also spent part of his adult life in prison sentenced for criminal discharge of a firearm.

The brother said the following things in the interview:

Tyler on the left and Finch on the right!

Then for this to happen, you know, when he’s bouncing back from all the things that have happened to him, the things he had to go through, the trials, the struggles he had to overcome, and then for this to happen – said the victim’s brother as reported by DailyMail

According to his brother, Andy was very loyal and kind and he did everything to help anyone in need. The mother of the victim was very gloomy and sad over his death. According to the authorities the prankster called 911 and made up our story about a hostage crisis situation in Wichita, Kansas home.

The address!

Tyler Barriss is alleged to have been engaged in a practice which is quite well known in online gaming as ‘Swatting’. It is an act of sending a SWAT team to the home of another person by claiming there was an emergency. The law enforcement agencies told the NBC news that the Tyler Barriss was actually involved in a feud with an online gamer and according to reports he gave the police the address which he believed to be of that individual with which he was gaming and having an argument. The address however it turned out to be of some innocent.

Tyler Barriss actually wanted to inflict some harm to the other gamer but he did not know that the address was not accurate. Fake hostage situation during the 911 call was reported and the police received the call by Tyler Barriss who claimed that a father had been shot in the head and the shooter was holding his brother sister and mother as a hostage.

Said the Swatter!

Officers then went to the house prepared for a hostage situation and the body cam footage shows that when Finch came to his front door he was shot by a cop and the reason is not clear. According to other sources, Finch was asked to raise his hands meanwhile he moved his hands behind his back. The police thought that he was trying to pick out a weapon. They then released shots.

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