UK’s most liveable tiny and portable house is available for sale

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These houses are small but they squeeze in quite a lot of features which are necessary to make a better lifestyle. What are the basic necessities of anyone seeking a place to live? All the needs must be fulfilled including a good place to spend the life.

These small portable houses look small but are spacious inside. The house has portions of dryer/laundry, HD TV and storage rooms hidden under floor and stairs. It has a washer portion too for cleaning used dishes after a meal.

A house designed by an enthusiastic company:

The house has been designed and launched by Modern Tiny Living. It is being called as Kokosing. According to the founder of the houses, he believes that these houses are the most popular tiny homes in the world. The popularity is because of their small size but spacious indoor. The management of the portions is done in a good way.

The modern kitchen equipped portable home:

If you see the above picture then the kitchen and grilling system is just classy and modern. The color scheme of every portion of the house is in harmony with the other. The founder said that he called this house as liveable because it has a place to socialize, a luxury kitchen and plenty of room with a king size bed.

According to the founder, Kokosing is readily available for anyone interested to purchase.

The living room which can convert into another bedroom:

The house is furnished. Almost everything of necessity is present inside the house. The living area can be used as another bedroom in the house. The folding benches are placed in there which fold to make out complete bed for two more people.

A toilet which can be utilized smartly:

As far as the toilet is concerned, one has to think a little to solve the dumping issue. One might have to find some main dumping line or any other sewage option to send in the excreted waste. The founder of this project is focused on reducing the clutter and options in life. He was of the opinion that it felt great to be with lesser living options.

A house worth £600,000:

This house is making headlines and a lot of people are finding it amusing and entertaining to purchase a portable house. This tiny house experience is said to accommodate that minimal lifestyle which is necessary for a person to stay alive. The removal of clutter is deemed as simple and the house is called as portable to every extent.

Will you buy it for £600,000?

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