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UCLA Professor called racist & protested for correcting black students grammar and punctuation

A UCLA Professor was labelled a racist for correcting an African American student’s grammar. Trying to correct the mistakes of a minority student is now took as racism and not to mention students also launched a protest against the professor.

Val Rust, an accomplished thought-leader at UCLA marked-up a student paper and pointed out all the mistakes of capitalization and punctuation. The on campus minority students called the professor racist. They blamed him of pointing out the mistakes particularly because the students were black and belonged to a minority culture. They called it a form of micro aggression against the black student’s community.

The Call 2 Action launched a sit-in to protest the professor’s grammar corrections. Rust, the professor, claims that he meant no offence.

He corrected a black female student that the word ‘indigenous’ isn’t capitalised and she took it as a colour discrimination motivated correction. The other black students think that professor correcting their spelling, grammar and punctuation in the papers isn’t something right. They described themselves as ‘aggrieved minor students’.

Professor Val Rust

Well, the university is a place of higher ideas and a source of grooming the social as well as the common sense skills. We’ve come across a lot of movements motivated by racism but this particular movement against common sense is quite hard and lame to be digested. The poor professor surely needs some help because he also might be thinking of his crime. His mistake was merely correcting some students who happened to be in a minority group.

The group ‘Call 2 action’ gave the following statement:

Hostile campus climate has been the norm for Students of Color in this class throughout the quarter as our epistemological and methodological commitments have been repeatedly questioned by our classmates and our instructor. The barrage of questions by white colleagues and the grammar ‘lessons’ by the professor have contributed to a hostile class climate.


  • The college students should have already known how to use proper sentence structure from their high school days of study. Did they graduate still being a dummy?

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