Uber driver tried to lock 2 women in his car, said, “You’re not going anywhere”

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Services like Uber have revolutionized the daily commute of people to work and home. Before such crowdsourced services were not available, but recently, anyone can convert his private car into an earning potential after getting listed on Uber. However, changes in the provision of facilities also bring on some social changes.

A manifestation of such a change was witnessed in Pittsburgh when a driver tried to lock two women in his car. He told the women that they wouldn’t be allowed to leave. The Uber driver has been arrested on charges of kidnapping. Police spokesman, Chris Togneri, has identified the man as Richard Lomotey. He also faces charges of harassment. The driver has been identified to be working at the Pennsylvania State University’s Beaver campus incapacity of an Assistant professor.

Two women were approached to record their narrative; the women said that they had approached a male Uber driver to take the ride home. The driver gave comments on the looks of the women, and he didn’t follow the GPS directions to the requested address. The women knew that something was fishy regarding the Uber driver. Eventually, the driver pulled over and told women, “You’re not going anywhere.”

The driver then attempted to lock the doors of the car. However, one of them was able to open the door, and she was able to escape the vehicle. The other woman got rescued similarly. Police tracked the driver using the Uber application. The first hearing of the case is to be held in the court on May 23rd.

An Uber spokesperson said that the company removed the access of the driver from the application. He further added that Uber is trying best to help the authorities investigating the matter.

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