U.S. Navy huge electromagnetic railgun shoots multiple times with force equal 32 ton truck at 160mph

U.S. Navy has successfully conducted the experimental test of new electromagnetic railgun. Navy had been testing railgun since long and the electromagnetic projectile technology is something new and promising. This railgun fires a high-velocity projectile using the electromagnets.

The first video of Navy experiments emerged in 2012 which showed an experimental weapon but today the Navy has successfully conducted the field test of its new massive artillery piece which fires multiple shots using electromagnets. The Naval Research office noted in a press release the railgun has pulled off multiple shots during the test run. They are confident to get the power of 32 megajoules from one projectile fired from the railgun. One megajoule is equal to a one-ton truck hitting something while traveling at 160mph. They are hopeful to get a firing rate of 10 shots per minute which is quite an achievement for such a massive railgun.

U.S. Navy has released the video of its new railgun and it’s quite a treat to watch it in action.

What do you think after watching the railgun in action? The destruction will be huge. Currently, we are not clear about the official date of deployment of this railgun in the U.S. Navy fleet. However, we are certain that the next age of new naval fleet will be equipped with this massive technology. With the small size of the projectile, the force of a 32-ton truck traveling at 160mph will be more penetrative and destructive. Anything coming in the way of the projectile is likely to get burst and torn in parts.

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