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U.S. Military’s Electromagnetic Railgun Shoots 100 miles at mach 7

An electromagnetic railgun uses mere electricity but no gun powder. It can shoot a projectile moving at Mach 7, which is seven times the speed of sound. It’s accuracy quite good at a range of 100 miles and can reach its target with ease. Mathew Plunder is the chief of research in U.S. Army who developed this electromagnetic railgun with his team.

An electromagnetic pulse propels the projector down the barrel creating enough heat to melt the steel and creating a fireball. The projector just shreds its steel covering and during the flight exposes itself. The projectile can go up to Mach 7 and the amount of damage which it can create is just tremendous.

Mathew claims that there isn’t a thing in the sky which can survive this. (Showing off the projectile)

The projectile was tested against three solid concrete walls and it was able to cross them without losing a major portion of its inertia and velocity. The Navy has already missiles which can cross three concrete walls simultaneously but that costs millions to develop. The projectile which is shown in the figure costs around $25k. It weighs around 25 pounds and can be stored on the ship in a number of hundreds. 

The U.S. Army thinks that if someone sends a million dollar missile than this $25k projectile can destroy it in seconds. The guidance data is sent to projectiles during their flight. The guidance data comes from both satellite and ground bound radar. It ensures that the incoming target is locked and destroyed with precision.

This electromagnetic railgun is moveable both on land or in the sea, which gives a protection radius of around 100 miles and travels with speed large enough to destroy the target in seconds. Watch the video below to learn more about this railgun:

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