Tyson Fury Vs Deontay Wilder is quite a controversial draw

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This one fight has ended in such a manner that what many are calling the result as a controversial draw. This showdown was between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury as the fight had taken place to determine the winner of World Boxing Council Heavyweight title. however, fans were quite disappointed when the entire match ended into a draw. No one was expecting such a result because they thought a decisive thing would happen between the two fighters. The match had happened on Saturday night.

This one match was quite important for the fans. Many people were having debates before the match to decide who had more skills to win over the other. These debates didn’t see a concluding point because the match ended in a draw. Getting back to the match, the 212.4-pound Wilder’s face appeared to be a little swollen as he figured out a way to pull out a knockout in Round 12. This way he followed for saving his untainted record. The Bronze Bomber managed to knock down Fury but he never managed to knock his opponent out. Although in the end Wilder somehow retained his title. The match ended being a split decision, the scorecards read 115-111 Wilder and 115-110 Fury and 113-113.

It’s worth mentioning that the career of Wilder record moved to 40-0-1 with the draw however Fury stands at 27-0-1. The 33yo old had engaged in the second match of the year. Previously he had won over Luis Ortiz (30-1) at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York back in the month of March. The boxing fans disheartened by the news of the draw are looking forward for the next matches.

In the case of Fury, he was making his third appearance in the shape of this match in the ring for the year 2018. Previously he had a match against Sefer Seferi which he won in June. Later, in August he had a match with Fancesco Pianeta. Fans believe that Wilder had not done enough to get the win while he was competing Fury in the ring.

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