Tyson Fury compared to Undertaker after unprecedented rising from dead

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The match Tyson Fury Vs Deontay Wilder has already received quite a lot of press coverage. Almost everyone was anticipating for this match in high regards and people were kind of disappointed when they observed the match ending in a draw. That was hell of a fight. We had also covered the fight in a complete dismay. The fight should have been decisive in nature.

The fans of Tyson Fury were already making a great deal about him prior to the match. The same can also be said about Deontay because he held the title. The fans of Fury are making further speculations as they glorify him. They are calling his one particular move as unprecedented.  The split between the two clearly means that they are more likely to come back for another match. This could probably happen in 2019. However, both must be kind of relaxed that they didn’t lose the match in a way or the other.

This was termed as one of the most glorified moments in the history of the boxing. Fury was sent to the canvas in a powerful move and he looked more like a beaten man before he took out all of his courage to stand back on his feet again. He decided to finish the fight. This can be termed as a powerful move rising from the heart, desire and guts. The combination of these three is rarely seen in matches. A sportsperson normally focuses on the strategy to win the match but Fury this time used his emotions to stand from the dead. However, this event can be compared to Undertaker. Undertaker had done this at several occasions. 

Many people tweeted that they thought Fury had no more stamina left to stand up against his opponent but he stood up and this made everyone surprised. This showed the amount of commitment which Fury had for the fight. He didn’t want to give up. A social media user called this as Terminator Rebooting.

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