Two workers blast opening door in a pit, with 250 tons of water behind with a pry bar and excavator, is dangerous

Written by Wamiq Ali

People all over the world are hired by companies for different nature of jobs. Sometimes these jobs are quite dangerous in nature and a mature worker with good work experience is a good blessing. Practical hand workers know the way to handle the problem and they can also improvise things to get a better outcome. A safe working environment can be maintained to some extent and not all situations can be secured completely. There are certain dirty jobs where one has to take the plunge and just do them in order to get the work going.

Watch these two men working in a pit where 250 tons of water reservoir is behind a big door and these workers have to open this using a pry bar. Both of them are riding on an excavator, and as they open up the huge water reservoir behind, the excavator is supposed to pull them outside. They invented an indigenous procedure due to their work experience.

One of the workers with the help of the other opens up the reservoir and then both of them get behind the moving arm of the excavator. This helps them cut the flow of the 250 tons of water behind them and then they signal the excavator driver to pull them outside. Such a neat job which both of them did and with such a perfection.

Watch the amazing video and make sure you share these beautiful workers for the work they are doing for the nation.

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