Two people arguing over ‘black people can’t be racist cos none of them was in power’ is so stupid

Written by Wamiq Ali

There are people and then there are stupid people. These two people argued over the fact that black people can’t be racist since none of them was in power. The lady look s a bit sane in this matter but the other guy seems quite under age to discuss such polite things.

The conversation started when a reply was posted to @gogreen18 by another user who said that, “Racism = Prejudice + Power. Thus because no black person has ever had a position of power before, black people can’t be racist.” Some lady read his reply and thought to give him an awakening, “no black person has ever had a position of power? you sure about that? ever heard of Obama? lol.” Then the argument started and the male part decided to prolong the absurdity a little bit more, “I meant the real position of power“, that was the next reply.

The lady tried to give him another awakening by telling him that the position of president is the most powerful thing, especially in the USA. She replied, “if being the president of the USA isn’t a position of power then I don’t know what is!” and then there came another reply from the other male side, “REAL power is like being the manager at a grocery store or something where you have the power to hire and fire people.

REAL being in the caps in the reply says a lot of things, now obviously some one can’t be this stupid to not know Obama. The guy surely was playing the part of the dumb and making things sarcastic. This image particularly made to several viral and huge twitter accounts.

Soon after hitting that sweet viral spot the guy actually made a Facebook announcement.

Here comes the other part, why didn’t the girl got the sarcasm? Did you also buy the idea of him being stupid? Let us know in comments.

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  • Sorry hate to brake it to you, but your ignorance is on full display here. It is infact true that in order for one to be “racist” they need to be on the upside of power. Anyone can be prejudice. Obama was in power yes… But he was still powerless in many way…. it the supreame court, congress… ect. get an educated clue & then talk trash & BTW… I have a doctorate in multicultural psychology so I DO actually know what I’m talking about. Look up the work of Darryl Sue’s work on racism, he’s a leader in the field of racism & microaggressions. When you’ve come to your senses, it may be in your interest to delete this post. K? OK

    • so… the only country with different etnies is USA … there is no racism in South africa? there is no racism in any other country in africa where “white men and women” were literally kicked out? maybe you missed that class in your multicultural psychology doctorate…

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