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Two men film their dramatic drive-thru escape from ‘California Wildfire’ after no evacuation warning

Written by Wamiq Ali

A Tennesee man documents his dramatic escape from the California Wildfire after no warning was issued for the residents of the area. The two men drove through the wildfire which devastated the entire town.

Michael Luciano published his dramatic video online which shows his escape along with another passenger and a dog. The video was posted on the Facebook which shows them driving through thick and dense smoke while being unable to breathe due to lack of oxygen. “Everything is on fire, every single cabin. You can see the fire. This is just terrible. It’s devastating,” said Luciano in the video.

Luciano along with the other residents of the area was surprised by a quickfire which broke out and started to sweep across the entire town. The warnings were already issued for the accompanied area of Gatlinburg. Though, officials were taken by surprise when the fire started to spread because of the low humid air. The low humidity caused the grass to convert into a dry fuel for the fire.

Nearly 14,000 people were already evacuated. The death toll increased to 3 due to the wildfire. National Guard troops have already reached the affected areas to help the people. “We pray that we don’t experience any more fatalities but there are still areas that we are trying to get to because of down trees and down power lines.” said officials in a statement.

Warning: Abusive language in the video

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