Two girls Facebook live stream their deadly crash

Written by Wamiq Ali

One shouldn’t get distracted during driving or accidents happen just because people get too busy in their mind. Driving is a full-time job and this must be taken seriously. These two girls were live streaming on Facebook when this horrible accident happened.

I mean, who uses a smartphone and tries to gossip while driving? Well, we can’t take the accident back but one can learn from their mistake. A youtube video was uploaded which showed the live stream of the two girls. It was 45 minutes long but the initial 9 minutes are merely the video, rest minutes go to the after crash stagnant stream.

The accident happened in the region of Most Obrnice 6.7 when the car hit the noise barriers. In the video you can see the girls starting their journey, hitting the noise barriers and then getting rescued. Nikol Barabasova laughs and looks in cheerful mood as friend drives through Obrnice in the Czech Republic.

The driver, unfortunately, died unable to cope with the injuries. The driver was returning to Biliny with her friend. One of the women died in the accident. The other is in hospital seriously injured. The car skidded and likely hit the Bollard and took an 180 degrees turn.

We are short of more details, you can better watch the live stream of the two girls yourself. This live stream was closed by emergency services of Czech Republic.

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