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Two girls attack & punch in the face of a boy & then a guy comes at them to teach a lesson!

Written by Wamiq Ali

Two girls attacked and punched a poor boy as he couldn’t fight them off. A dude was standing nearby and he decided to come at the girls. So, he punched and attacked one of the girls to help the boy evade the fight.

Meanwhile, the fight was happening, one of the passersby recorded the entire incident. The reason of the quarrel is not known but it seems quite an awkward fight to happen. The boy who got attacked at the beginning of the video seems quite underage. One of the girls attacked him right at the top of his brain. The other girl pushed him away. He seemed to be confused about the attacks.

Two girls attacking a boy

The girl in the blacktop seemed to be furious while attacking the boy. The girl then said to the boy, “Ehh, hit her again.” Seems like the boy had done something wrong to the other girl and this girl with the black top had come to teach him a lesson.

Though video takes a quick u-turn once another guy decides to step in the fight and teach the girl in the blacktop a lesson. He sucker punched the girl in the blacktop. The most unusual thing in the video is her expression after getting sucker punched. She couldn’t expect such a quick consequence of what she did with the other boy. This guy then comes in the defensive mode after the girl tries to re-attack him, but this time he successfully hits another punch.

Watch the video:

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