Twitch streamer banned for carrying out Blafkface Apex Legends cosplay

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The advent of internet has paved the way for influencers. There was a time before the internet when the general public was not able to share their opinion with the others in the public. It had no medium of communication. In current times, publishing something for sake of public consumption isn’t something huge. The internet has in a way added to the democratic process in a positive manner. People can voice their concerns. However, this voicing of concern is often faced with coercive techniques, there are certain quarters which don’t feel okay with public sharing their opinions. This banning of opinion by these quarters happen sometimes because the legislative counsels often fail to define the right rules which might help in deciding what to censor and what to not. These differentiated opinions and actions happen because the public often don’t get an outlet to vent out their negative emotions regarding a controlling authority. Who would define what is freedom of speech and what is freedom of expression and to what extent it should be tolerated?

Something of similar nature happened to this twitch streamer. This streamer in order to cosplay an Apex Legends character decided to turn herself using blackface makeup. Karina Martsinkevich was doing a live-stream for around 100-200 people. She later transformed herself into a character using dark-makeup. She used the ‘just chatting’ feature which meant more casual streaming sessions. In this session every action taken is in casual way based on casual commands.

She wore the cosplay of Lifeline. Around 170 people were watching her stream and suddenly Twitch took her offline. The account of this cosplayer was banned. The ban would last for 30 days. She was accused by twitch of attacking a certain race. Later, she made a video and uploaded in on YouTube in an attempt to clear her stance. 

It was just for fun. I just wanted to change into my favorite Legend from the game, it’s a very huge misunderstanding. (said the streamer)

She further added that if anyone was hurt because of her cosplay then this wasn’t something she wanted. Infact, she wanted to entertain her viewers in a meaningful and positive way. Some critics called her out and said that this particular make up was not a right way of expressing fun and entertainment for sake of the viewers.

Watch her Video.

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