Twelve Ways to Earn Money From Internet

Earning money from the internet is always a dream of most of the people who read the lifestyle of famous internet personalities like Pete Cashmore (Mashable Founder) etc. However, many of us are just misguided and they don’t know the real ways to earn some bucks online. People get inspired from the great success stories and start to make dreams but on the other side they lack a lot of basic knowledge to launch a successful plan in order to earn money from internet. To earn money from internet there are a lot of ways but here in this article I am going to show you some of the really applicable ways which can help you to earn a living if adapted seriously.

Earn Money From Internet Best Ways

What: motivates us to Earn Money From Internet:

This is the question which you should ask from yourself, that whether the try to earn money from the internet is on need basis or else on interest basis. Everyone has the interest to earn money, but sometimes the way one adapts to earn money from internet is actually his passion. This really is a necessary question because the failure in the beginning is evident and only your keen interest can help you go on, so what so ever you may choose that thing must be a part of your interest fields.

Motivation to earn money from internet is actually a secondary thing,the first thing to be taken into account is “You try to do what you love” and if you do so, then earning money from internet can be done with the help of following great ways which have been described in this article.

The most important benefit of earning money from internet is that “Web is most engaging and you can promote your brand quite well, while just sitting at your home“.

Ten Best and Proven Ways to Earn Money From Internet:


Blogging is something which can really help you to earn money from internet. This field is for you  if you love to write and give opinions. Blogging is not always about technology, you can choose the field of your interest and can present it to the world through your blog.

Earning through blogging is really an old method, and its something which is never going to die. If you start to get handsome amount of visits to your blog then you can easily sell affiliate products through your blog audience. Also you can get ads from different advertisers of which the top most is adsense.


Freelancing is always an option to make quick money from internet. There are a lot of websites where jobs are posted at an hourly rate like odesk.com , freelancer.com and elance.com. If you want to apply for these jobs, then signup at these sites. Look for your fields of perfection, i-e the things which you can do for the clients and then simply apply to the job with your requirements, qualifications and past work related to that niche.

If you are a web developer then you are really lucky as a lot of jobs worth $100 are always being posted at such websites where clients want to hire a developer immediately. Being a freelancer is good because it helps you to learn about new things which you encounter during your clients website’s development plus you learn how to deal with people.

Facebook Pages:

Social media, Facebook has evolved so much that it has become a vital part of marketing. Facebook addicts can make use there time consuming habit to create a page. If the page grows really well with a lot of engagement then one can sale that page to get a good amount of money. The more you increase fans and engagement the more are chances for one to get good money from a Facebook page. In Order to sale a page there are a lot of groups available at the Facebook. Just search with the title “Facebook Pages” and you are going to get a lot of groups in this niche.

Mylikes – Earn to share links:

You have a great twitter account? A very big facebook page and a lot of people in your google plus circle, then you can cash your audience without any efforts. Mylikes.com is a site where you get paid to share their content. Its not like this that you share and get money for sharing. Rather it is like you share to bring traffic to the mylikes site. The more you bring traffic to your affiliate mylikes links, the more you make money. This is quite simple and yet there is a good thing that mylikes has got content for every type of audience.

Domain Name Flipping:

Not everyone is aware of the domain flipping technique. In simple words, domain flipping is like you buy old houses, renovate them and then sale them at profitable high price. But here just replace the house with the domain. It requires a lot of experience and an eye to identify the future of a domain which one buys to flip it later time. Some good quality keyword domains which really have a weak site can be bought in lesser price and then can be later flipped. One example of the domain flipped was bird-cage.com, which was bought for $1.8k and later got flipped at $173k.

Tutoring online:

Internet was born with a view to help the students and now things have got so much revolutionized that even you can earn online if you are a regular tutor. Sites like tutor.com have already helped a lot of kids find their perfect tutor for a specific subject. Almost everyone has got a fast internet now a days and this can help you getting hired as a regular online tutor.

A step forward, one can also create his own website to offer his tutor services to the world and can later teach to the student with the help of skype or Google Plus hangouts. Because this world is a global village now thus it can help you to earn money from internet being a tutor.


As I said before, the work you do must be your passion as this is really good for you to progress well. I have seen a lot of people are really good at making some handicrafts and they just do it in their free time as a hobby. But wait you can also make some money through these handicrafts using the internet and with the help of websites like ArtFire.com and Etsy.com, if you wish you sell your creativity then visit these sites and get a spot for your online shop.

CPA – Cost per Action:

A way in which the actions of the users let you earn and the action can be anything like downloading a software, filling out a form or taking benefit from a coupon. There are a lot of websites where new cpa offers are uploaded every minute. And anyone can signup and promote these offers to their respective audience with affiliate links and forms. You can easily get many coupons and offers from cpalead.com and this is not the only cpa site, you can google through a lot of websites.

One of the great tricks to earn through cpa is to have a cool blog while promoting the cpa offer of same niche. Also Facebook ads can be used for this purpose. Create a page, publish your cpa offer to the page and then promote that specific offer post using the Facebook ads. The name of the page must be really attractive and must be related to the offer.

eBay and olx.com:

Got some surplus material in your home? Then its time to sale that out for some good price, while you don’t need to go out of the home. This is similar to selling something offline but here is a difference, you are targeting the whole world here and chances are you might get your sale quite quickly. You can easily try eBay.com to sale anything but you need to have a good repute in the eBay, while this is not needed in the case of olx.com. Olx is a classified ads website where users can publish their ads and someone from the same area can view the ad of that specific thing which is under the sale. If the price is fine then you can get a lot of customers through olx directly connecting to you through the mobile or the contact details provided in the advertisement.

Affiliate Marketing:

It is similar to the cpa , but here you promote a product and get commision for every sale done through your specific affiliate link. There are a lot of websites where affiliate offers can be taken but some of them are trustworthy and really pay. One of these websites is clickbank.com, signup for the clickbank and start promoting the products with the affiliate link, every purchase done over your affiliate link will result you in the money.

You can also earn from the internet using the affiliate marketing through the amazon affiliates. Search for the products over amazon which may suit the needs of the audience which you are going to target and then just make them buy those products and this can result you in quick cash.


Fiverr is a portal where you offer anything you have for just $5, and people know that this site has all the things worth only for $5. Suppose you are a graphic designer, you can make a set of icons and then can promote it to the fiverr with a price tag of $5 and every sale done will earn you $5. Its quite an easy way to earn some quick money from the internet.

adf.ly – URL Shortening Service to Earn for Links:

This way is unlike any other means to earn money from internet. You just need one click and a good audience which may be interested in your links, to earn money through adf.ly. This is actually a url shortener service which pays you for every visitor. To earn using adf.ly just make an account and then shorten your urls, share it to the public. When a visitor opens the url, while the adf.ly redirects to the original source, an advertisement is shown to the visitor and thus the publisher earns for every visit through short url.

These were the ways, which you can adopt to earn money from internet. You can easily get a lot of information on these topic by doing some google. However, I shall be trying to cover these topics in my next posts sooner or later.


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